Russian Woman's "Funny Dance" at Wedding Goes Viral: See Why!

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With over one million views and counting, this woman's wedding dance video below is "currently the most viewed video in Russia," according to reports.

It's titled, fittingly, "Funny Dance at Wedding" and it is. Behold:

Some commenters say the woman is the mother of the bride, while others say that it is the bride's aunt. Either way, that is some serious stomping right there.

Whatever her relation to the woman doing this memorable dancing (is that an attempt at Twerking?), the blushing bride did not appear to be upset by it.

Rather, you can see her in her wedding dress in the background of the video, filming the dance on her own phone. Safe to say it was a hit with her too.

As for who plays Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" at a wedding reception, we have no idea. "Gangnam Style" is pretty run-of-the-mill these days though.

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