Parents Taking Photos of Kids Instead of Helping Them: Seven Epic Wins/Fails

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All parents know the feeling well. When a helpless child needs your assistance, your parental instinct kicks into overdrive as you ... reach for the iPhone!

If the Internet has given us one thing, it's an information superhighway designed for transmission of cat photos. If it's given us a second thing? Kid fails.

Any mother or father has seen their young one(s) in an awkward and/or inadvisable situation, and most (we would think) can't help but chuckle a little.

So sometimes, in the case of this baby doing his best ostrich impression, the need to document it takes priority over the wee one's temporary misfortune:

Baby Ostrich

There are too many sorry-I-didn't-help-you-first photos to possibly post here, but we've added a half-dozen that we came across and particularly liked.

Such as ...

Kid Fail 1

That's what we would call getting in the swing of things! Oh, to be that flexible.

Kid Fail 2

Actually, this one trumps that. Is that a hammock or one of those traps on Lost?

Kid Fail 3

When a couch and a loveseat coordinate an attack a helpless small human.

Kid Fail 4

Because no Internet fail collection is complete without the obligatory cat pic.

Kid Fail 6

Crime scene reenactment? Instantaneous urge to nap HARD on the pantry floor?

Kid Fail 5

Caption rendered unnecessary.

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