Lamar Odom Tells Young Fan: Don't Do Drugs!

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Millions of fans around the globe are psyched today over the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian engagement news.

But perhaps no one more so than Lamar Odom. How come? Because this star's ongoing troubles can now take a backseat to the positive vibes emanating around the family.

Seriously, is anyone talking about Khloe and Lamar at the moment?!?

The latter attended a party in North Hollywood on Saturday night when a seven-year old named Elijah approached the celebrity and asked for a photo.

Odom obliged and, according to the child's mother, he also spent awhile talking to her son about the importance of education, of staying in school, of playing basketball… and also of being clean and sober.

Yes, via TMZ, Odom's departing words to Elijah were "don't do drugs."

A vital message, to be certain, but also an ironic one considering Lamar's recent history.

The reality star/sweet-shooting small forward has been accused of smoking crack cocaine all summer, though the latest reports claim Lamar is on the verge of recovery.

He's supposedly looking good these days, dining with friends and getting his life back on track for the sake of his children. And for his marriage?

That remains unclear. Khloe Kardashian goes back and forth on Twitter from defensive and angry at Lamar critics... to bitter and hurt over his actions. No one seems to know what her plans are for their relationship.


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