Khloe Kardashian: Preparing Divorce Papers, Not Ready to "Pull the Trigger" on Lamar Odom Split

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Khloe Kardashian has allegedly prepared divorce papers to end her marriage to Lamar Odom after meeting with a lawyer, but it's not a done deal ... yet.

How serious is this supposed move to end their troubled union?

“Within the last two weeks, Khloe instructed her lawyer to have divorce papers drawn up,” a source with intimate knowledge of the situation revealed.

"She has even signed the divorce papers, in anticipation.”

“All she needs to do is tell the lawyer to file the petition.

The pair’s marriage was first rocked by claims that the ex-NBA star was sleeping with Polina Polonsky. And Jennifer Richardson. And Sandy Schultz.

Then, even more incredibly, Odom's crack addiction came to light, and recently culminated in Khloe finding his drug stash during a heated confrontation.

She's pleaded with him to go to rehab. A lot. He's refused. A lot. She fears for his life. He claims he can not only "self-heal" but play in the NBA again.

To call it an impasse would be an understatement.

Understandably, seeing as the basketball player has been kicked out of the house and refuses to get help, divorce rumors have long been circulating.

They are now considered to be "on the verge" of divorce, but sources close to Khloe concede that she is not ready “to pull the trigger” on a split.

“But she feels she has no other options at this point,” the source added. “There is hope that if Khloe does file, Lamar will realize he must get help.”

Another Kardashian family insider said that what was a rough patch is now almost beyond repair and asking Odom for a divorce feels all but inevitable.

“It’s like the situation is just too far gone for a split to be anything but unavoidable,” an insider said. “It doesn’t seem like a reconciliation is happening.”

The primary reason for that? Not a lack of love, empathy, or commitment, but the fact that Odom “is living in his own world,” according to the insider.

“He still talks to Khloe everyday, but his drug addiction is running and ruining his life. He loves the drugs more than anything else, including his wife."

"Sadly, the only thing that matters to Lamar is partying.”

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