Kate Gosselin: I Feel "Sadness, Empathy, Pity" For Jon Gosselin

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Kate Gosselin is opening up about husband Jon Gosselin, saying she feels a variety of different emotions when it comes to the father of her eight kids.

Somewhat surprisingly, those emotions aren't rooted in bitterness.

On Bethenny Frankel's talk show Bethenny, the 38-year-old says she sympathizes with Jon, who's now working as a waiter in a Pennsylvania restaurant.

"Somebody once told me that if you feel sadness, empathy and pity for someone the root of that is love," the former Kate Plus 8 star said of her feelings.

Jon made headlines last month with the revelation that he's waiting tables to pay the bills. Then, on his way home from work, he was followed by a photographer.

Jon fired a warning shot at the paparazzo, to Kate's dismay. But she struck a sympathetic, non-combative tone on Bethenny regarding her former spouse.

Jon's finances clearly aren't great these days. What about hers?

"The majority of what we made, I personally took and put in a college fund for [the kids] because they will go to college," Kate Gosselin told her.

"So I use coupons, we don't wear top brands. Those things to me really aren't important, but college, school and their house, where they live is important."

"Divorce is divorce, when you are going through divorce, a lot of it you're looking back over the years to see in your own mind what went wrong, what happened."

"It caused things to come to light sooner but looking back those issues were always there and I feel like the person that I married was not that person anymore."

"I think it magnified it maybe."

As for the kids and their relationship with Jon? Kate is supportive.

The couple's children "visit him every other weekend. He has a dinner night with them. Without going into to much detail, we are making the best of it."

"I definitely want them to know that I did not want to hinder or stand in the way of that relationship with him. So I do everything I can to foster that."

"It is important to [be able to] remove judgment and ugliness from that. The best thing for my kids is the opportunity and the ability to continue that relationship."

"When they are older if they don't want to do it anymore or whatever decisions they make, that is their business. For now, my job is to foster that bond."

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