Jenna Jameson Slurs, Babbles Way Through Incoherent Good Day New York Interview

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During a visit to Good Day New York yesterday, Jenna Jameson made Eminem's ESPN interview look like Emmy Award gold.

The former porn star was on hand to promote her book "Sugar," telling hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly that it's a "fantastic, yummy story." And that was about as coherent as Jameson got.

The blonde stammered her way through a series of uncomfortable questions regarding her former occupation, from how it impacted her marriage to whether she was forced into it.

She also offered up a take on Lovelace ("Whatever she had to say, I seem to think that it was bull.") before the interview was cut short due to Jameson's odd behavior.

Watch now to see what we mean... and also to witness Kelly's obsession with the adult movie industry:

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