Jenna Jameson Blames Disastrous Interview on Fatigue, Not Drugs

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Jenna Jameson typically knows how to use her mouth.

She is the world's most famous porn star, after all.

But the veteran adult movie actress made headlines earlier this week for a rambling, incoherent interview with Good Day New York, one meant to promote her new book but one that instead left many wondering:

Is Jameson on drugs?!?

No, the blonde insists.

Asked by TMZ to explain her stammering and her confusion when pressed by anchors Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly for details on her former career and her book "Sugar," Jameson simply said she's tired.

She's been on this promotional tour for awhile and the exhaustion is catching up to her.

As for talk of prescription drug use, Jenna says she's been clean for seven years. That includes substances of all kinds.

Are you buying it? Relive the disastrous Q&A below and decide if fatigue is a believable excuse:

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