Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey Reactions: At Least He's Not Charlie!

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Jamie Dornan has been confirmed as Christian Grey in the big screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, and for the most part, fans are ... okay with it.

Clearly, not everybody is going to be thrilled with the casting pick, no matter who it is ... with the possible exception of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

The point is, such a beloved, lusted after character from a book will stir strong emotions, and those make it very hard to please the populace at large.

Jamie Dornan at 2017 Oscars

Despite negative reviews from some, and a collective "he wasn't what I imagined" from others, he appears to at least be an improvement over Charlie Hunnam.

As you can see from THG's survey results, he seems to fare better:

For the most part, perhaps bolstered by smoldering Jamie Dornan photos, fans seem willing to take a chance on the newcomer from Northern Ireland.

As for how Hunnam was received, when he was first cast opposite Dakota Johnson in early September (he bailed in early October for personal reasons)?

Actually a lot better than some of the online chatter, fan vitriol and petitions to replace him might suggest, but Dornan still wins by a considerable margin.

In any case, you are stuck with him now, fans.

He may look like a cross between Ashton Kutcher and Seth from The OC, but starting November 1, he will be Christian Grey. Production starts that day.

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