Jamie Dornan Photos: The Perfect Christian Grey?

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It's official. Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey. The Irish actor will be stepping into the void left when Charlie Hunnam bailed on the project earlier this month.

Not too much is known about him in the U.S., but perhaps that's for the best.

Sorry, Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer fans, but with a relative newcomer, you can truly believe Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey, not an actor playing him.

Jamie Dornan CK

He is an actor, of course, as well as a model. One who could be described, as Anastasia Steele put it, as "the epitome of male beauty" and truly breathtaking"?

We'll leave to you do decide. He's certainly done his share of modeling - shirtless at that - which might help move some of the naysayers over to Team Jamie.

He's not Robert Pattinson, but there was a time when Robert Pattinson wasn't R-Pattz either. Think about that. Just visualize. Let the fantasies linger.

With an open mind, click to enlarge more Jamie Dornan pictures below:

Jamie Dornan in GQ
Jamie Dornan and Eva Mendes
Jamie Dornan Shirtless Photo
Jamie Dornan Photograph
Jamie Dornan: Model
Jamie Dornan Image
Jamie Dornan Modeling
Jamie Dornan: Hot!
Jamie Dornan Shirtless Pic
Jamie Dornan Shirtless
Jamie Dornan Calvin Klein Ad
Jamie Dornan Picture
Jamie Dornan Photo
A Jamie Dornan Pic
Jamie Dornan in Action

Well? What do you think? Is Jamie Dornan the kind of guy you can envision in the steamy role? Share your comments below and vote in our survey ...

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