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James Woods is not what you’d call a fan of President Barack Obama.

The 66-year-old actor expressed his opinions on Twitter this week in the wake of the federal government shutdown, placing the blame for it on Obama.

Woods, who is dating Kristen Bauguess, also criticized the president for various other problems in the U.S., including gun violence and race relations.

Amber Tamblyn, James Woods Split

He responded to both those who agreed with him and those who did not, calling Obama an “abomination” and linking to articles about the shutdown.

Woods said the remarks might keep him from being able to find a job in Hollywood, but that he’s resigned to that fate after he put “[his] country first.”

Some of his most choice Tweets about the POTUS:

  • I believe Barack Obama has done more for gun sales, less for race harmony and more damage to community than any president ever.
  • Sixteen tears of machine Democrats shredding the fabric of this Republic will toss the greatest democracy on the trash heap of world history.
  • I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic.
  • Might be slightly difficult for you if those of us who didn’t vote for Obama all left. Who would pay for all your stuff?
  • Yes, remember when Obama cried crocodile tears for the victims of chemical weapons in Syria? Never heard another word, did we?
  • Imagine if we just took care of our own citizenry and stopped foreign aid to nations who wanted us dead.
  • One final word. I am truly saddened that the few Lib detractors are so ugly in their approach. I would welcome polite differing viewpoints.