Hyundai Erection Ad Gives Viewers the Hard Sell

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An ad by a local Hyundai dealer is excited to sell you a car. Nothing gets the blood flowing like that feeling, and they have no problem giving you the hard sell.

If you know what we mean.

Long Island City Hyundai in Queens, N.Y., takes the auto-erotic (sorry) approach in an ad featuring a doctor and a voluptuous woman discussing ... just watch:

Her husband, who's lying down off camera, appears to have been aroused by the idea of the deal he's about to get ... and this stimulation can't be tamed.

"He's definitely excited," the doctor declares. To which the woman responds: "They said if it lasted more than four hours, we should call the doctor."

And so it continues, at length. Make no bones about it. Nothing like a sophomoric double entendre or 12 to sell cars. Hey, whatever makes your sales rise.

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