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Farrah Abraham penciled in some time in her busy schedule for more plastic surgery Monday, though this procedure may help her look more human.

The Teen Mom turned porn star had her chin implant removed, sources confirm.

“Yes, it’s true,” Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery, the surgeon who did the procedure, confirmed to celebrity gossip site Radar.

“We had been emailing back and forth that she was uncomfortable with the size of the chin. It was the smallest implant they make, so she just wanted it out.”

“I thought she looked great to begin with!” Dr. Salzhauer insists, revealing that Farrah Abraham “buckled under pressure” from her parents in this case.


“She’d been getting some flack from her mom and dad,” he claims.

“Look, a lot of times, especially when people are aware that you’ve had plastic surgery, people get self-conscious about it. I don’t think she was unhappy.”

“She just decided to take it out. That’s one of the good things about chin implants,” he adds, helpfully noting that “unlike nose jobs, they’re reversible.”

Farrah Abraham flew to Miami on Monday for the surgery, and after a roughly 15-minute procedure under local anesthesia, she flew out the same day.

She’ll never get her original chin back exactly how it was.

“After you have a chin implant, the tissues of the chin build a little scar tissue around the implant, so there’s a little micro-boost of the chin,” he explains.

“Plus, the skin is tighter. Farrah had a little bit of a roundness there, kind of a double chin going on before, but now everything is nice and tight.”

That’s what James Deen … you know what, forget it.

“Farrah’s a nice girl,” he says. “She’s not a monster. She’s just a single mom trying to be famous! Farrah says she’s going to do a new show and go back to school.”

And possibly film a porn sequel. It’s how she rolls.

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