Family Costume Wins Award For Town's Favorite by Turning Child's Wheelchair Into Hot Air Balloon

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First there was the dad who made a stick figure costume for his toddler. Now there's the Hurst family from a small town in south Georgia. 

If you're looking for them on Halloween, you'll find them somewhere over the rainbow.

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore! Oz the Great and Powerful has spoken!

Family Halloween Costume

Tucker Lanier, 13, suffers from Hunter Syndrome, a degenerative genetic condition, which has left him unable to walk long distances. To get around on Halloween, he uses a wheelchair, but instead of letting a wheelchair hamper his Halloween fun, his family uses it as a challenge to best themselves year after year.

"We probably throw around 100 ideas every year," says Jason Hurst. He continues, "We've always wanted to do the 'Wizard of Oz' and when the new movie came out, we thought a hot air balloon would be a lot easier."

The Hurst family isn't the only family with a wheelchair-bound child to get creative with their family costumes. A father last year turned his son's wheelchair into a full-service ice cream truck so the boy could dispense ice cream cones as he trick-or-treated in the neighborhood. 

Full size candy bars have nothing on ice cream cones.

Among the Hunter syndrome community, there's a friendly competition each year to see which family can come up with the most creative costume which incorporates the wheelchair. Last year the Hurst family dressed as characters from Mario Kart with Tucker taking pole position as Bowser.

Janelle LoBello, Communications Coordinator for the Dana & Christopher Reeve Foundation says, "While wheelchairs can sometimes be a sight that people are afraid of during Halloween, it is a really cool prop that kids can incorporate into their costumes." 

"Their costumes are unique, and even though they're living with these disabilities, they can really stand out. And their costumes are even a little more original."

They're certainly different from every other Superman on the block. 

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