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Coolio put on the ultimate acoustic performance of his 1995 hit song "Gangsta’s Paradise" with a group of UK college students last night. Yes, that happened.

The rapper was in England for a gig, and ended up befriending a group of University of Central Lancashire students in the V.I.P. area. Again, a true story.

Coolio liked the college kids so much that he offered to make the group dinner (he’s big into cooking these days, as well as rapping) at their school.

They took him up on it, and had an impromptu jam session as well. Watch!

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The 50-year-old hip hop star whipped up a caprese salad, peach cobbler and something called "Chicken a la Daaaamn," while paying for everything.

On Reddit, one of the students said Coolio was a "great guy" who "had some very deep and profound thoughts on life and his time in the business."

Aside from the fact that whomever shot the clip should be roughed up a bit for not holding their iPhone horizontally, this is a pretty damn cool story.

For those too young to recall it, watch the original video below: