Cee Lo Green Cleared in Sexual Assault Case, Charged With Ecstasy Possession

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Cee Lo Green will not be charged with sexual assault following allegations that he slipped ecstasy into a woman's drink and had his way with her without consent.

He will, however, be charged with possessing the illegal substance.

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The Voice coach will not face sexual assault charges after investigators found that the woman and Green had been dating and had already been intimate.

Green denied the claim, and went a step further, encouraging the D.A. and the LAPD to fully investigate so that he would be exonerated. Which he has been.

However, Cee Lo is expected to be charged with one count of furnishing ecstasy, a felony in its own right, and he may be arraigned as early as this afternoon.

The woman claimed to have a tape recording of Cee Lo talking about the incident. He mentioned nothing about giving her the drug, but he did reference it.

It appears the D.A. views this as a confession to drug possession.

According to TMZ, the criminal complaint will not allege the star had any criminal intent to harm the woman when he allegedly shared ecstasy with her.

In that most crucial sense, it's a win for Cee Lo, who will escape with his freedom and largely, reputation intact after denying the allegation all along.

He won't be let off completely, though. The drug charge will stick. Most people get probation for their first drug offense, even for felonies, which this would be.

Stay tuned.

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