Cee Lo Green Accuser Knew Singer Well, Sources Say

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We have an update in the alleged sexual assault case against Cee Lo Green.

As previously reported, a woman claims the singer drugged her with ecstasy at one point during a night out with him in Los Angeles and all she remembers after the incident is waking up naked in bed alongside Green.

Cee Lo has denied the charges, which include his recorded admission to the self-proclaimed victim that he did, indeed, put something in her drink.

Cee Lo Green in a Wig

Now, insiders tell TMZ the woman has known Green since the Dallas-based Super Bowl in Februrary 2011.

They've reportedly been dating (mostly long distance) sporadically ever since then, with Green flying this acquaintance out to California for the date in question.

While what happened that night remains a mystery and investigators are looking into the lady's assertions, those close to Cee Lo believe she is concocting this story because she is dating someone in her hometown of Houston and attempting to cover her tracks.

Moreover, "no one was unconscious," one individual says of whatever went down.

Still, sources connected with the alleged victim remain adamant: the relationship between her and Green is irrelevant because he is caught on the phone apologizing to her for slipping her MDMA, arguing he simply thought it would help them have fun.