Bruce and Kris Jenner: Divorce on the Post-KUWTK Horizon?

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They may be talking an amicable game now, but a new report says Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner are headed for an actual split in the relatively near future.

Divorce style!

Both sides have thus far shot down any notion of filing for an official, legal break-up. But an insider tells Radar Online that this is only due to their deal with E!.

“Bruce and Kris will file for divorce, but not until the current contract for the show comes to an end,” alleges this source, explaining how a separation is better for ratings:

“No one would watch if there wasn’t drama, separation leaves it up in the air and will make viewers want to tune in. But once it’s over, it will be over for the marriage too - once and for all.”

If this is true, hundreds of million of dollars may be at stake between the exes.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is currently running Season 8 and Season 9 is scheduled to shoot in 2014. The family's contact runs out a year after that.

Kris thinks a long drawn out separation will keep viewers coming back for more and the show needs it, at the moment,” the insider tells Radar.

Ratings have been down a bit over recent episodes, with a September installment only drawing 1.79 million viewers, a cast dropoff from the three million who tuned in for the Season 8 opener.

This also may explain why some believe Kris and Bruce finally went public with their separation news: it's put them back in the spotlight, it's made the family once again a hot celebrity gossip topic.

And it managed to do so without any children filming a sex tape. Seriously, Kris is good at this.

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