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Go ahead and drool over the The University of Warwick Rowing Club, ladies.

They’re naked for a very good cause.

For the fifth year in a row, members from this elite squad are stripping down for a calendar, with a portion of the proceeds this time around going to Sports Allies, a program created by Warwick Rowing and Educational Action Challenging Homophobia that’s “dedicated to challenging homophobia among young people.”

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

“The rowers are predominantly straight men who have welcomed and embraced the fantastic support they have had from the gay community for their fundraising efforts,” says Warwick. “Sport Allies is their way of honoring that support and giving something back.”


Along with giving this organization money from its 2014 calendar sales, the rowers will speak at school and create videos “designed to encourage young people…who are being bullied or in a crisis about their sexual identity to call a national helpline.”

Photographer Angus Malcolm snapped these sexy pics and team members say this calendar is their “best yet.”

Let’s just hope Justin Bieber is paying attention. If he really wants to turn his reputation around, he simply has to don his birthday suit in the name of charity.

We’re guessing a Justin Bieber naked calendar would sell a few gajillion copies.