Abandoned Dog Gets Rescued, Gets a Haircut, Gets a Fresh Start

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Like the story of an abused pit bull rescued by a concerned citizen, we have a new uplifting dog tale to share with readers.

Earlier this fall, an extraordinarily shaggy canine was found by Brenda Gough's husband near the family's farm in Ontario. It was so scared and so heavily matted that the poor creature could barely walk.

So Gough quickly brought the pooch to the Park Road Veterinary Clinic where she works.

Once there, the dog was named Shrek ("out of endearment," the clinic wrote on Facebook. "The irony of him being found near a pond... how he will go from shy and afraid to loved and comforted with a family.") and he was given a massive makeover.

According to the clinic, 3.5 pounds of hair was shaved off, an incredible transformation depicted here:

Shrek the Dog
Shaved Dog

"He is still terrified and nervous," Gough told Metro. "But looking for human contact, and learning all about love."

Three days after Shrek was discovered, he was interacting with other dogs and permitting people to cradle him.

"He’s a special little guy with a huge fan club," Gough told Metro, referring to all on Facebook who have shared Shrek's story. "The outpouring of support from around the world has raised my faith in humanity."

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