Talk Like a Pirate Day: Arrrrrrgh You Kidding Me?

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day, an excuse for shenanigans for buccaneer enthusiasts across the seven seas, is apparently a thing. And it's today's thing!

Every September 19, businesses use the faux-holiday as an excuse for promotions, i.e. Long John Silver giving away free whitefish if you just say “Arrr!”

Krispy Kreme doles out donuts to anyone doing the same, which was awkward for this guy who just had an eye problem and didn't know, but fun for everyone else!

As for how to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day beyond the usual YARRRRRR-ing, that's really up to you and how devoted you are to this great idea.

We've put together some solid ideas after the jump:

  • Use "me" when you would have used "my."
  • Slur speech a lot. Get drunk if that helps.
  • Throw around random nautical references.
  • Watch a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon.
  • Walk around with a giant sword or knife.
  • Threaten people whenever possible.
  • Wear an Andrew McCutchen jersey.
  • Watch the Captain Phillips trailer.
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