Sons of Anarchy Season Premiere Recap: School Shots Fired

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Wait... did that really just happen?!?

No, we aren't talking about Jax sleeping with a Madame. Or Tig killing a man who insulted his daughter. Or Clay making a deal with Lee Toric. Or even seeing Donal Logue's bare bottom.

Although all those events, along with the continually forced sodomy of a recurring character, all took place on tonight's Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere.

Donal Logue on SOA

But the major takeaway for all viewers will be the shocking scene that went down toward the end of the installment: a young boy took a semi-automatic into school and opened fire.

It's interesting to think of where this angle will lead, considering the child ganked that weapon from his mother's boyfriend... who is part of Nero's crew... who got their guns from SAMCRO.

Will Jax now have a crisis of conscience? Will authorities trace the gun back to the club? How will Charming now react to the presence of such violence right next door?

But do fascinating storylines make it acceptable to use a terrifying, real-life incident as fictional fodder? Many will undoubtedly react with a shrug because this is just television... but it's easy to see others taking exception to what they consider the exploitation of tragic, non-fictional school shootings.

Where do you stand? What do you think of the school shooting storyline?

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