Queen Elizabeth Photos: Epic! Badass!

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Some truly epic photos of Queen Elizabeth at her beloved Balmoral Estate in Scotland have hit the web, and her majesty has never looked better.

Or more badass.

The ruler is seen donning the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, as predecessors have for centuries, in an idyllic spot on her land.

Monarchies rule.

Queen Elizabeth II Photograph

Photographer Julian Calder said of the shot, "we wanted to photograph the Queen as the Queen of Scots and I wanted to do it as a [Sir Henry Raeburn] painting."

"He did paintings of Scottish clan chiefs."

"I thought they were very romantic. In the picture the Queen is obviously looking at us but we wanted to have her looking at the massed clans on the distant hills."

The photograph also shows the Queen wearing the Collar of the Order, made from gold thistles and rue sprigs, and a tiny St. Andrew and his saltire cross.

Queen Elizabeth Photograph

The epic images of the Queen were taken three years ago but has been kept under wraps until Monday, when it was published in Weekend magazine.

It is one of 100 portraits in a new book called Keepers, published to mark the 60th anniversary of her Coronation in 2012. Yes, it's been 61 years.

Elizabeth, 87, was 84 at the time of this photograph.

Elizabeth agreed to the idea after being approached by the book’s author Alastair Bruce, a Royal commentator and a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce.

She approved the idea partly because the late Queen Mother enjoyed the previous two editions and had been photographed as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

Top that, Kate Middleton.