New Yahoo Logo: Not as Good as Intern's Rejected Version?

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Yahoo unveiled a new company logo last week, but a version from an intern that was rejected by higher-ups has leaked, and is seen by many as superior.

Yahoo Logo New

After the new logo (above) was revealed, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer personally thanked design intern Max Ma for his help crafting the new design.

But Ma may have had other ideas about the direction the web giant should take.

The intern previously hosted his alternative design on his personal website, according to Business Insider, but has since taken his site entirely offline.

Here's a look at the passed-over version you were never supposed to see:

Yahoo Logo Intern

Company loves its purple. Some tech bloggers say it's as good if not superior to the version Yahoo chose for its revamped website. Do you agree?

Which Yahoo logo do you like better?

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