Lynsie Lee: I Heart Cory Booker So Hard!

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Lynsie Lee, the stripper linked to Cory Booker, says she's a huge fan of the Newark, N.J., mayor but never intended for her Tweets with him to go public.

Despite being a potential problem for Booker's political career since Buzzfeed exposed their online relationship, Lynsie Lee insists she's not about fame.

Unlike that troll Sydney Leathers, who jumped at the opportunity to expose that lowlife Anthony Weiner, Lynsie Lee says she is no skanky fame whore.

Rather, she's educated, smart woman who just happens to make her living as a stripper, and who loves Cory Booker and has a huge crush on him.

Lynsie Lee met the rising Democratic star, who is 44 and single, at a premiere of a movie about Twitter and then peppered him with flirtatious tweets.

He reciprocated, but Lynsie, who works at a Vegan strip club (seriously) in Portland, says none of their tweets were ever intended for public consumption.

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Furthermore, she scoffs at rumors insinuating that Cory is gay, saying her dream is to one day become First Lady of the U.S. (she Tweeted as much).

Booker is now running for New Jersey's open U.S. Senate seat and has been talked about as a possible presidential candidate down the road.

Lynsie says neither of them are treating this like it's a big deal, and maybe it shouldn't be. But with politics, the voters always have the final say.

Is it a problem for him that he's trading flirty Tweets with a stripper? If you listen to the interview with Lee above, she sounds like kind of a sweetheart.

Not that you can't be a sweetheart and be a stripper, but watch it. You'll probably be surprised at how genuinely nice (and into Booker) Lynsie is.

And, here's the obligatory link to Lynsie Lee photos.

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