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Here’s one way to divert attention from zombies: take off your clothes!

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan is featured in the latest issue of Maxim – and it’s safe to say the woman behind Maggie is looking darn good. You are a very lucky man, Glenn!

Cohan, who credits her early days as a swimmer for her very impressive figure, also lets readers in on another secret: She crushes on Jeff Bridges! Sort of.

Alanna Masterson, Lauren Cohan, and Melissa McBride

“It’s not a romantic crush,” the former Vampire Diaries actress explains. “It’s just kind of an everything crush. I love him as an actor. I love his voice. I love his smile. Okay, now it sounds romantic – but it’s not!”


Sure, Lauren, whatever you say.

But if Bridges or anyone else is looking to get with the beautiful star, she has some advice: be yourself. Be natural. Do NOT be corny.

“The worst pickup line is any pickup line, I think,” she says.

The Walking Dead Season 4 kicks off on AMC on Sunday, October 13.