Kristen Stewart Bald Spot: Actress Losing Hair, Sleep Over Robert Pattinson Split?

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Is Kristen Stewart losing sleep - and losing her hair - over Robert Pattinson? A new report and photos of her noticeably visibly scalp and have sparked rumors.

Although she's just 23, Kristen Stewart does appear to have a bit of a bald spot, which could be attributed to a number of different causes of course:

  • Maybe she's deficient in a few nutrients? Eh. No chance.
  • Overdoing it with some heat hairstyling tools? Doubtful.
  • Stress after breaking up with Robert Pattinson and anxiety over the emotional rollercaster and their potential future as a couple? A little less doubtful.
  • Just a bad set of photos or a bad hair day? Probably.

The location of that part is not helping. If she went down the middle or only slightly over to one side, it might do wonders as far as hiding the "bald" spot.

Nevertheless, celebrity gossip magazine Now is alleging that “stress” over her split from Robert Pattinson has led Stewart to lose “clumps of hair”

HollywoodLife, getting in on the balding action adds, The stress of not having Rob in her life has some believing that her hair is thinning and falling out."

"Her part appeared to show her hair thinning in photos taken in August.”

You buying it, THGers? Sound off in the comments below ...

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