Customer Service Meltdown Goes Viral: Can This Possibly Be Real?!

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An epic customer service phone call meltdown surfaced online yesterday, and it's beyond bad ... so much so that one almost assumes Jimmy Kimmel is involved.

The audio, which first appeared on Reddit, purports to be a real customer service call to a home security company, but it just HAS to be a hoax. Right?

Listen to the intense recording, posted by someone who claimed to be a former employee of the same call center, in its entire, unedited glory below:

The call, which allegedly took place four years ago, features a customer who is pissed that he can't directly dial the staffer who left him a voicemail.

So he LASHES OUT at a customer service rep, then stays on the phone while refusing to be put on hold or transferred, instead making violent threats.

The call center where he or she worked belonged to a home security company that will remain nameless, at least until the Reddit user outs them.

Fortunately, if the call is indeed from 2009, the caller did not make good on threats to come in there with a machine gun. We would've heard about that.

Hopefully, the overwhelmed, hapless, deer-in-the-headlights customer service representative didn't require intense psychiatric treatment after this abuse.

It's as if he couldn't get off the phone or transfer the call if he tried, even though he wasn't even face-to-face with the person. Talk about traumatizing.

What do you think: Real? Fake? Legit? Jimmy Kimmel? Something you've always wanted to do to Comcast? Share your comments with THG below.

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