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A couple weeks ago, shortly after turning 16, Kylie Jenner got into a car accident.

So isn’t it nice to see that Kendall Jenner has totally learned from her sister’s recent history? Only the exact opposite?

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The young reality star posted a 27-second video to Keek over the weekend of herself behind the wheel, posing with silly faces and looking directly at the camera instead of, you know, the road in front of her and everything.


California law explicitly states that "all drivers [are prohibited] from using a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle," so forgive us for hoping this viral video comes back to bite Kendall in the rear end.

Like the Kim Kardashian sex tape, members of this family have to eventually realize that not every action is worth recording… right? Right?!?

Sigh. Watch the exciting, totally worthwhile video in its entirety now:

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