Katherine Webb Carl's Jr. Ad: Sexy and Scrumptuous!

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Katherine Webb may or may not still be dating AJ McCarron.

But the beautiful brunette is definitely starring in a new ad for Carl's Jr.

The 24-year old is the latest in a long line of sexy stars (Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, Heidi Klum) to shill for the burger chain, with her unique ad reenacting the scene from the BCS title game that made her famous.

Katherine Webb for Carl's Jr.
Katherine Webb Carl's Jr. Commercial Still

Look for Webb to be wearing a football jersey in the commercial, only to tear it off and reveal a cleavage-baring top.

"This burger tastes amazing," Webb says in the spot, wiping sauce off her mouth. "It's kind of like having a buffalo wing on a cheeseburger. This is a great option for tailgating."

And Webb is a great option for those looking to ogle.

Go behind the scenes of this ad with the model and emerging television personality now:

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