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Justin Bieber has finally had it with Lil Twist and Lil Za.

The young trouble makers – who have been cited on multiple occasions for speeding in Bieber’s car and who have even been accused of assault inside his house – were finally given the boot.

The final straw? Allegedly, they were kicked out by their sugar daddy good friend this week after some expensive jewelry went missing from the star’s Calabasas mansion.

Justin Bieber Kicks Out Lil Twist, Lil Za

According to TMZ, Bieber doesn’t necessarily believe his pals took the items – but they hosted a slew of crazy parties when he was away and left the residence open to potential thieves.


Manager Scooter Braun has been encouraging his client to kick Twist and Za out for some time now as a first step toward cleaning up his suddenly dirty image.

Sources say Bieber is finally listening and gave away 30 tickets to children from an orphanage for his latest concert in Singapore.

He then proceeded to nearly moon the crowd.