Jason Mortensen Defends Viral Video as Real, Introduces "Jackpot" Wife From Hospital

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Jason Mortensen, the disoriented husband who woke up from surgery and gushed over his wife's beauty (briefly unaware they were married), is speaking out.

Amid claims that the video is fake, the woozy, disoriented hospital patient and his doctor both went on the record saying the clip is real. And wonderful.

He also introduced the world to wife Candice - the woman he thought was a model and felt he hit the "jackpot" with - on Inside Edition. Take a look:

In the wildly popular YouTube video "Seeing Her for the First Time Again" (below), Jason is blown away by the beauty of the woman in the room with him.

When she explains she is his wife, which he did not realize due to the anesthesia he was under, he can't believe his good fortune and yells, "Jackpot!"

Candice said her spouse had actually been acting like that for a solid 20 minutes before she pulled out her phone and started recording his happiness/delirium.

We're so glad she preserved it for the masses and this wasn't a Twerking fail hoax. Clearly it's a moment they'll never forget ... well, at least she won't.

Here's his hilarious and sweet reaction, one more time:

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