Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Finale: Here Comes the Farting Bride

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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo wrapped up Season 2 last night in the most romantic and smelly of fashions:

Via a wedding!

A wedding that involved a farting June Shannon exchanging vows with a dapper Sugar Bear, that is. But what else would you expect from this TLC favorite? Scroll down for a look at our top moments from the finale, along with their corresponding scores in our patented +/- review system...

Mama June and Sugar Bear: Married!

The rehearsal took place on a very rainy day, which caused some anxiety for Mama June. "I just farted," she told the cameraman. "It was a nervous fart." PLUS 7 for honesty.

The night prior to the nuptials, Sugar Bear slept in a tent and June shaved off her neck hair. PLUS 7 more for mostly observing tradition.

Sugar Bear and his groomsmen donned orange vests and camouflage in order to match June's weddingg dress. The bridal party wore bright pink and blue dresses. PLUS 29 because, come on, how much more fun is this than the usual color combinations?

June continued with tradition, bringing something old (her bouquet of dying flowers), something new (a snow cone trick and candy car) and something blue (a water slide). NEGATIVE 3 for forgetting to borrow an item.

Pastor Dan was consistently listed as "Pastor" Dan. A grammatical mistake on TLC's part or a sign that he isn't exactly a Pastor? NEGATIVE 5 for leaving us confused.

The family dog walks down the aisle. PLUS 17 because... AWWWW!

Sugar Bear removed June's garter with his teeth. NEGATIVE 12 because... EWWWW!

The happy couple, introduced as the reception as Mr. and Mrs. Bear (PLUS 10) drove off in an ATV with tin cans attached to the back. PLUS 23.


And our very best wishes sent to the newlyweds!

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