Gia Allemand: On the Phone With Mother as She Hanged Herself

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The late Bachelor star Gia Allemand was on the phone with her mother as she hanged herself August 12, Donna Micheletti has chillingly revealed.

Micheletti's voice choked with tears in an interview with Dr. Phil as she discussed her daughter's last moments as she tried to commit suicide.

Gia Allemand's mother was on the phone with her when she decided she couldn't go on. Why does Micheletti think that the reality star called her?

"I'm the closest person in the world to her and she didn't want to be alone when she left this world. So she wanted Mommy to be there, I guess."

"It destroys me but if it made her feel better, that's fine. I don't mind dealing with this."

Allemand was found unconscious by her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, who performed CPR before she was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support.

She died two days later at the age of 29.

A police report revealed that hours before she hanged herself, Gia Allemand had argued with her boyfriend over suspicions he'd been unfaithful.

"I'm really mad that she did this for no reason," Micheletti said, lamenting what might have been. "In 12 hours it would have been fine. I'm really angry."

Dr. Phil also talks to Jake Pavelka, whose season of The Bachelor Allemand appeared on, and to whom she remained close, in the interview airing Tuesday.


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