George Zimmerman Police Video: Get on Your Knees!

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Video of police swarming George Zimmerman after he got into an allegedly violent altercation with his wife this week has been released, and it's insane.

Authorities arrived on the scene, ordered him to get down on his knees before handcuffing and detaining him in what looked like a scene out of Cops.

Lake Mary, Fla., police came to a stop about 50 yards away from Zimmerman's car and parked outside the home he shared with his estranged wife.

Police ordered George to get out of his vehicle, turn around, and get on his knees. He complied and was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody.

According to the 911 call placed by Shellie Zimmerman (below) George threatened her and her father inside their home, gesturing toward his handgun.

She also accused George of punching her dad in the face.

George Zimmerman was taken into custody and detained for questioning following the incident, but Shellie eventually changed her story and he was let go.

She said no gun was ever involved - that she thought he was going to pull one - and declined to press charges after the heated altercation cooled off.

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