America's Got Talent Results: Who Won?!?

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Take a bow, Kenichi Ebina. You have the most talent in the country.

Following a summer of dazzling performances on NBC, this unique dancer was named the America's Got Talent champion last night, a few weeks after Howie Mandell named him the front runner, gushing over his unmatched abilities.

"It's amazing," Kenichi said after his victory. "I want to thank my wife and my daughter [for] being supportive all the way through and all the fans that support us."

Ebina defeated Taylor Williamson in the final vote, earning himself $1 million and a Las Vegas show in the process.

"I really do think Kenichi really deserves to win," Howard Stern said on Sirius radio after the finale. "I think the guy is an incredible talent, and for two reasons he deserves to win. Number one, he was great all season. And number two, he creates [his own material]...with singers who sing other people's songs, half of the challenge is over."

Do you agree with Stern's assessment? Did Kenichi Ebina deserve to win America's Got Talent?

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