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Brynn Cameron has been identified as Blake Griffin’s baby mama. You may recall her from back in the day as Matt Leinart’s baby mama. Girl has a type.

Brynn Cameron: Blake Griffin Baby Mama!

The former USC basketball star, who got pregnant from Leinart when he was a star quarterback at the school in 2006, just welcomed her second child.

She and L.A. Clippers superstar Blake Griffin welcomed Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin on August 1. The birth has been confirmed, along with the parents.

The birth certificate lists Blake Austin Griffin as the dad.

Six-year-old Cole Cameron Leinart lives with Brynn, who was been getting five-figure monthly child support checks from Matt, who also visits regularly.

Brynn Cameron: Blake Griffin Baby Mama!

She and Matt fought at first over custody and support, but settled their differences early on and he has been an active presence in Cole’s life from the start.

Now that he’s been cut by the Bills, he should have even more time!

It’s not clear if Brynn Cameron and Blake Griffin are or were dating, but they definitely hit it off for one night at least. Speaking of hitting the jackpot …

The NBA star makes $19 million a year, not including endorsements.