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Breaking Bad may now be over, but the debate rages on.

With Walter White accidentally taking his own life on the finale of this iconic AMC drama, the journey of a high school chemistry teacher from mild mannered husband and father to narcissistic, murder drug lord is complete.

Was it the best finale in TV history? Probably not. The best final season in TV history? It would be difficult to argue otherwise.

Breaking Bad Recap:

But where does Breaking Bad stand when compared to other memorable shows on the small screen?


Can you compare Walt to Tony Soprano? Do you put a certain smoke monster’s evil actions above the moves and machinations of Heisenberg?

And with 14 episodes still to go, can Don Draper and company carry the day?

There’s no scientific formula (sorry, Walt) to help one arrive at a conclusion, but that’s what makes the open-ended debate so enjoyable.

Consider the Breaking Bad finale now and sound off: What is the greatest television show of all-time?