XBox One: Unboxing the New Console!

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Whether you are a XBox or Playstation fan, there's no denying that the new consoles are exciting in their own right. True, there are pros and cons to either side but the fact that it's next generation time is still exhilarating!

There hasn't been an "official" PS4 unboxing as of yet but today Major Nelson took to his blog to show us the Day 1 Edition of the XBox One.

Outside of the controller additions (the Day 1 logo and the chrome d-pad) it doesn't appear that there is much different from this version than the regularly purchased editions. 

An updated Kinect, with a wider range so you can use it in any room, better voice control capabilities, 500GB hard drive... all good things. The USB on the side is a little odd but I suppose that isn't a make or break thing.

Plus, a sticker!!!

Your move Sony.