Pitbull Saves Family, Loses Leg in Shotgun Blast

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Forget having them fight each other (please, Michael Vick). Pitbulls are much better off at fighting off intruders.

In an incredible story from late last month in Virginia, a female pitbull named Lesteye sprung into action when a burglar broke into her family's home.

According to various reports, the canine leaped in front of a shotgun bullet meant for her owner, shattering her shoulder and tearing off soft tissue in the process.

The pet had to have its leg amputated as a result of this life-saving move, but once the Atlantic Animal Hospital posted her story on Facebook, something else incredible happened:

Donations poured in for the dog's surgery. Over $1,000 was raised and Dr. Michele Leatherbury now says the pitbull has an "excellent" chance at living a healthy life. Learn more in this video:

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