Worst Game Cities to Live In: What Tops Your List?

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We all know what game cities we'd love to live in.

I personally would love to live in Myst. True, you'd spend all your time trying to figure out the puzzle in order to open your bedroom but still, it'd be entertaining. 

However, it's probably more entertaining to discuss the WORST game cities to live in. 

Let's turn to the guys from Why We're Single to get things started.

They've got some great cities there. Of course, being a chick, I disagree with Mushroom Kingdom. Only three other women really in the entire town? Sounds like a target rich environment!

While I do like their list, I think they missed some big ones, including:

  1. New Austin, Red Dead Redemption
    Like Liberty City, New Austin has issues with people being killed left and right. Of course there isn't the "being run over by a car while standing on sidewalk" problem, but still, New Austin is not a place I'm going to be looking to settle down in.
  2. Any Lego City
    Imagine you are sitting in Rivendell and along comes some jackass who needs more bits to pay for The Witch-King playable character. They start busting up everything in sight, including the chair you are sitting in. Not cool.
  3. Hyrule, Legend of Zelda
    Not only is Hyrule often in trouble, Link spends a lot of time destroying the landscaping. Do you know how long it takes to cultivate a nice hedge line in front of your house? No thank you.
  4. Fyrestone, Borderlands
    Psycho Midgets. No usable plumbing. Shacks and shantys only form of housing. Pretty much the only thing any city in Borderlands has going for it is the money, guns, and other loot stashed pretty much everywhere. 
  5. Undercity, World of Warcraft
    Even though my main toon is a Undead Mage, I can not fathom living in Undercity. That bubbling moat looks like it would just stink. Not to mention there is not a single guard rail in the entire city. Do they not know how easy it is to fall off of there? Yep, I'm going to have to pass.

That's my top 5 but surely there are more out there. Tell me THG'ers, what's the last video game city you'd want to live in?