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Valerie Harper is joining the Dancing With the Stars cast this season, despite terminal brain cancer that she thought would have taken her life by now.

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In March, the Mary Tyler Moore Show star said she was in the process of saying her lifetime goodbyes when she was given just three months to live.

She’s beaten the odds, and not only that, her health is good enough for a least one more great achievement, it appears: Joining DWTS this fall!

The Emmy-winning star is apparently paired up with Irish hunk Tristan MacManus, 31, and this is not mere stunt casting. Reports say she’s got skills!

Reflecting on her accomplished life, she said earlier this year:


"Cancer makes real what we try to obscure from ourselves. We spend our lifetimes thinking, ‘I’m never going to die.’ But cancer says, ‘Hey, not so fast.’"

Sounds like Valerie Harper is telling cancer ‘not so fast’ as well!

We wish her nothing but the best of luck this season, and in life, and eagerly await the announcement of the full cast, with reportedly includes:

  • Snooki
  • Leah Remini
  • Keyshawn Johnson
  • Amber Riley
  • Christina Milian

Farrah Abraham, too, if producers get their way. Stay tuned …