The Sapphires Come To America: Here's Your Obligatory Sexism

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The Sapphires were a real, successful, and once again, real Australian singing group. They were given the movie treatment back home in Australia and now the DVD of that film, The Sapphires has made its way to the US. 

Anchor Bay Entertainment apparently wanted a new DVD cover for the American market so they went ahead and had one created.

Perhaps they didn't watch the movie, weren't aware of who The Sapphires were, or just had a bonehead moment, but whatever the reason, they find themselves in hot water today.

Ouch. It'd be bad enough if The Sapphires had been fictional and they'd been relegated behind the white dude, but the fact they were real? Well that just makes the whole thing that much worse. 

While Anchor Bay should be ashamed of themselves for letting the cover art be released as it was, hopefully it will bring more people to the film which is by all reports, very very good.

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