The JFK Assassination As You've Never Seen It Before: New Parkland Poster and Images

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We'd already gotten a peek at Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden, and Billy Bob Thornton in our first look at Parkland, and today the poster was released along with new images.

Check out the Parkland poster below!

Parkland Poster

Opting for understated rather than sensational, this poster is a win in my book.

Even though the tagline "The JFK Assassination As You've Never Seen It Before" is there, along with a second tagline, "November 22nd, 1963," it doesn't scream "This is a JFK Assassination movie!!!"

They couldn't have gone for a floating head of JFK's face. Or Jackie O in her pink suit. Or even a Photoshopped mashup of Zac Efron and the rest of the hospital cast.

Instead just the flag at half mast. Seems classy.

Also released were images of some of the more well known historical characters involved that day. 

Jeremy Strong has an uncanny resemblance to JFK shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, while Paul Giamatti plays perhaps the most famous amateur videographer in history, Abraham Zapruder.

Jeremy Strong as Lee Harvey Oswald in Parkland
Paul Giamatti as Abraham Zapruder in Parkland
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