Lindsay Lohan Video Likens Rehab Release to 9/11; YouTube Inundated With Complaints

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A fan-made (or non-fan-made) Lindsay Lohan video likening her recent release from rehab to the 9/11 terror attacks has many people up in arms.

“Lindsay Lohan’s Freckled Freedom,” by YouTube user dspielbergz, splices Lindsay Lohan photos and videos together with footage of the  2001 tragedy.

Why? It's entirely unclear.

“Lindsay is finally free,” the narrator says. “It’s been three months without her. It’s felt like three decades. Hashtag Freckled Freedom. Hashtag Freckled Freedom.”

“Lindsay is out of rehab,” the robotic, creepy voiceover continues.

“She's been recovering. No lights. No cameras. No Twitter. No sign that she loves me. I have been patiently waiting. Sitting in my room. Staring at my computer screen."

Someone should probably check on dspielbergz right about now.

Whatever the point of this was, people aren't thrilled with it.

The clip’s blatant, albeit seemingly random, use of images from the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks have disturbed and angered many commenters.

“State sponsored terrorism and Blohan have nothing whatsoever in common,” one user wrote. “This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen."

"Whoever is behind this or supports it is disturbed.”

“Are you kidding me?" another incredulous user asked.

"This is vile. Over 3,000 people lost their lives on 911 and what does this drugged up, 7-time rehab junkie have to do with 911. Report this video.”

Yet another says, "I consider [this video] treasonous.”

The creator stands by the work, however. The author posted on his or her tumblr, “there has been a polarized reaction to my video. I’m sorry I’m not sorry."

"I’m standing by it. If you really want to see something 'horrible' and 'disturbing' look up the melting glaciers or dead polar bear … my video is next level and staying.”

So basically, the explanation is that there is none, and the defense of linking Lindsay Lohan and 9/11 is that climate change is worse than this video.

The more you know.


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