The Bachelorette Season Finale Recap: Desiree Hartsock Engaged! But to Whom?

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The Bachelorette season finale is upon us at last, THGers.

As advertised all summer, the tail end of the season has been like no other before it, with three finalists still in the running and so many questions unanswered.

Will Brooks Forester be back? Will Desiree Hartsock take him back? Will she leave single and crushed, or was last week's cliffhanger just clever editing?

If you don't want to wait, you can always check out The Bachelorette spoilers on THG, but either way, we think you'll want to stick around for this.

Check out our LIVE recap of the season finale below!

We're still in Antigua with Desiree casually hanging out on a porch overlooking exotic waters. She's heartbroken over Brooks' shocking revelation last week.

She sits down with Chris Harrison for a chat and immediately begins to cry. Her lips are really glossy though? 

Thought #1: Would they really give us two hours of Des crying into a microphone? Thought #2: Would people buy that if they made it an album?

Chris seems to suggest that Des should pick either Chris or Drew since she can't have Brooks. Minus 25. She sees positives to both of them. 

Her heart is broken but her spirit isn't, so she's going to go ahead and spend time with the remaining two bachelors. Just in case. Maybe. 

Chris tells her she's being brave. She doesn't have a clue what to do.

Drew and Chris arrive at Chateau Des for the rose ceremony. Chris Harrison breaks the obvious news to them that Brooks is gone but doesn't tell them why. 

Des comes out to the patio and the three of them stare at each other for a solid 30 seconds. Des explains that Brooks took himself out of the competition and love is unpredictable. 

This has to be so awkward for Chris and Drew. She's basically telling them that she had chosen Brooks without telling them that she chose Brooks. Minus 10.

She asks that if they truly don't want to be there, please let her know. Not an unreasonable request.

Chris says that it's hard to watch Des cry because he loves her so much. I think it's hard to watch her cry because he knows he's not the one. 

Drew says he'll never leave Desiree. Creepy Drew is creepy.

Chris Harrison is in the Bachelor Nation Live Studio Audience and the overwhelming majority is Team Brooks. They hope he'll make a return. 

Audience member hopes she chooses Chris. Smarter audience member calls that a "fake" choice and says the only two ways out of this are Brooks or no one. Plus 15 to that girl.

Before they meet her family, Des has decided to go on one final date with each guy. 

Gratuitous bikini shot of Desiree. Minus 20.

Desiree's first date is with Drew. Desiree wants to see if she can love him like she loved Brooks. Apparently the turn-around on mending a broken heart is 24-48 hours. 

This date is awkward and it's barely even begun. Desiree says she doesn't feel any excitement and knows she has to tell Drew how she feels. 

He toasts to "being madly in love" and "wanting to be nowhere else but here" and she follows up with "I really need to talk to you." Minus 18.

That sound you're hearing is the sound of the nails in the coffin of the Drew-Des matchup. 

She doesn't know if she sees their futures together and doesn't think she can be 100% for him. Something's missing. Like love. 

All Drew can say is "I don't know." She apologizes and he tells her not to apologize. He would want her to be as in love with him as he is with her. 

And with that, Drew's gone. He's crushed. He's confused. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Des. Sad trombone. 

All he ever wanted was to be happy. Now he's starting over. You know, without the TV cameras and exotic trips to remote locations. Better luck next time?

Gratuitous bikini shot! Minus 4.

Chris greets her with a big hug and she seems less awkward with him than Drew. Way less. Plus 10.

They do a lot of kissing (A LOT) and talking and Desiree thinks the feelings she has for Chris have been hidden by her feelings for Brooks. But maybe they're there. Deep down inside.

The two of them are very comfortable together. If she can't be with Brooks, Chris'll do, I guess.

She's just going to trust her heart and know that it will find what it needs.

Smiling Des! Plus 5. She's happy that she made the right decision to continue on and not give up on love. 

Chris is in love with her and ready to see what their future brings. He's really confident in what they have and can see himself spending the rest of his life with Des. 

Instead of a toast, maybe he should've written another poem. (No. No more poems.)

Chris is angling to meet her family, but she's been apprehensive. She decides to go for it, though, and introduce Chris to them. She thinks it's amazing that he wants to meet her family. 

He gives her a journal and inside it he's written down all of the poems he wrote for her. Thankfully, we're spared from hearing any more of them. Plus 20.

After bawling over Brooks, Des seems Team Chris because he loves her so much. And being loved that much is hard. But she doesn't say that she loves him that much. 

She does call him "the greatest man [she's] ever known" and a "loyal friend." 

Jackie, Leslie, and Lindsay are in the studio audience, as are Sean and Katherine. Sean is here to comment on Des' current relationships. And no one finds this odd. Except me, apparently.

Everyone in that studio needs to lay off the spray tanner. 

More pensive moments on the porch for Des. Chris brings flowers to meet her family but is wary of her brother, as he should be. He leads the charge and he and their dad puts Chris in the hot seat. Minus 30.

They're not trying to get to know Chris at all. They're straight up interrogating him. And he's keeping his calm. Plus 30.

Daddy Dearest rescues Chris and pulls him away from Nate the Interrogator. Chris asks Des' dad for her hand in marriage. 


Dad says yes and they shake on it. Done deal!

Des sits down with her brother to get his incredibly frank opinion on Chris. He asks her if she wants to spend the rest of her life with Chris and she says in this moment, yes. Then he tells her that he thinks she's making the right choice. Plus 12

She asks if he has any concerns and he says yes. He asks about Brooks' leaving and she says it took a "long time" for her to "get over" Brooks' leaving. 

48 hours, tops, is now a "long time." 

Gratuitous shirtless Chris and more of Des standing on the porch. Chris gives some lame metaphor about swimming in uncharted waters. And those waters are cold. And we know what happens in cold water, right? 

He sits down with a jeweler to choose a ring for Desiree and says it represents a commitment. She puts on a beautiful dress.

Desiree talks about being the girl in the beautiful gown and fairy tales. This girl has a princess complex. Minus 12.

She knows she has to tell Chris the truth about her feelings for Brooks before he can propose.

Chris heaves a huge sigh as he gets out of the limo. He's 100% committed. But he doesn't know about Brooks yet.

This is the most somber, least exciting and happy proposal ever. Even as he's recounting their moments together, this is just...kind of sad. Minus 8.

He makes a move to get down on one knee and she stops him. She needs to say a few words first. 

She was torn apart by Brooks leaving because she loved him. She was torn between the two of them. She was blindsided by her feelings for Brooks and couldn't see that the one thing that she always needed was right in front of her.

She loves Chris.

He proposes and she says "yes!" "A thousand times!" Plus 75. More kissing! Lots and lots more kissing!

And now it's time for the After The Final Rose sit-down to unbox the whole season. Desiree's rocking a giant rock on her left hand. Plus 4.

She thinks that it only took 48 hours to get over Brooks because the heartbreak over losing him made it so that she could see how good things were with Chris. That heartbreak gave her perspective.

Desiree thinks that what she liked about Brooks was the chase. 

She also says that she never put pressure on the outcome of this being an engagement, but she certainly did talk about how she was there to find her husband and get married and have babies. Nope. That's not pressure at all. Minus 9.

Brooks is in studio to join Desiree and Chris and he doesn't know that she's engaged! He'll find out now!

He's had a hair cut since the show ended and he's nervous to see her because of the feelings that have resurfaced in the last week. He looks like he's going to cry right here on the set.

Her question for Brooks is what happened to his feelings between hometowns and Antigua. He doesn't really have an answer aside from the fact that he wanted things to work so badly but his head was ahead of his heart. Plus 15 for honesty, Brooks.

She gets to break the very awkward news to Brooks that she got engaged to Chris within days of saying she loved him. Because that's not weird. 

Before she can see new fiance' Chris Siegfried, Desiree has to face Drew.

Drew says he could see the writing on the wall when Desiree gave the two remaining men a rose and leaned on Chris for support. And then on their date, she was "closed" and he knew they were "on the street to Breakup Town." Minus 8.

He has questions for Desiree. First, could he have done anything differently to change how things ended up? Her answer? No. 

He also brings up a question that he asked her on the beach which was edited out: When did she know he wasn't the one? She gives him a dodgy answer now just like she apparently did then.

Dude. Drew. Nothing good comes from asking these sorts of questions months and months after the fact. Especially when they indicate that you're still hung up on someone who's engaged. And then when you say in the next breath that you're not still in love with her, no one believes you! Minus 12.

Finally! Desiree and Chris are reunited! So the world can see if they really do have any chemistry!

Being in public together for the first time seems awkward on the two of them. 

Chris knew Des was the one when she told him he was the greatest man she'd ever met. He can't stop looking at her but her body language is all pointed toward Chris Harrison. 

After watching their proposal again, Chris Harrison comments on the tears in their eyes, but there aren't really tears in Des' eyes? Yeah, not really.

Desiree is moving to Seattle to be with Chris and they're starting a life together there. Before the show ends, Chris gives her a gift. 

A dried petal from each of the roses she gave him and....yep. Another poem. Minus 10.

Finally, as this season wraps up, we get the news we've really been waiting for: the next bachelor!


Suddenly the past three hours of the night have alllllllllllll become worth it. Whew. Juan Pablo. And it's his birthday. But he's the present. Wrapped up in a nice Bachelor bow.


Did Desiree make the right choice?

Will Desiree and Chris last?

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