Stephanie Auerbach Arrested for Drunken Antics Aboard Delta Flight

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Stephanie Heizmann Auerbach, a first-class passenger on a Delta flight from Detroit to Shanghai Sunday, grew so disruptive that pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in Anchorage.

According to FBI interviews with passengers and crew members, the 47-year old downed five glasses of wine within 90 minutes.

Delta plane

She then walked up and down the aisles, cursing up a storm and climbing on to seats. She also snuck MORE drunks out of the galley behind the backs of flight attendants.

"Auerbach spilled alcohol on passenger A.J. and grabbed A.J.'s wrist to place a bracelet on A.J. (She) declined to wear the bracelet and asked Auerbach to leave her alone," the charging documents read.

"In response, Auerbach swore at A.J. and demanded that a flight attendant give her A.J.'s name. A flight attendant intervened and returned Auerbach to Auerbach's assigned seat. Auerbach alarmed A.J. and it appeared to A.J. that Auerbach was attempting to gain access to the pilot."

After receiving a written notice about her behavior, Auerbach - who owns a fashion company based in Shanghai - reportedly flung the notice back into the flight attendant's face and demanded off the airplane.

When a pilot asked Auerbach to follow the crew's order and she refused, he took the "necessary" step, according to a  Delta spokeswoman, landing the flight in Alaska.

Police then boarded the aircraft and detained what they described as a "physically combative" Auerbach. She remained in jail for at least two days and was charged Tuesday with interference of flight crew and members.