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Simon Cowell is focused solely on a future with Lauren Silverman and their unborn baby, a new report says, in spite of the shocking way this scandal broke.

The X Factor judge may’ve been blindsided by the pregnancy just like we were, but almost immediately said that his future child will “want for nothing.”

Cowell plans to gladly provide for the child, and not just financially. He plans to be a committed, involved parent with a big role in raising the child.

Which begs the question of his current status with his baby mama.

As for Lauren Silverman, he reportedly felt betrayed by the pregnancy revelation, but at the same time, he’s never been happier than when he’s with her.


Simon is telling friends he knows the situation is “complicated,” but he’s confident it will all pass and his relationship with Lauren will endure this.

First, it will have to endure her divorce from his good friend.

Andrew Silverman is seeking primary custody of their son, 7, because Lauren is deficient as a parent who’s often MIA and partying with celebs, he says.

He found out of her affair with Simon this year, but was stunned to see them kissing in a photo dated last summer, and how thinks Cowell is a home-wrecker.

There is a prenup in place and money issues in the split are “minor.” As previously stated, Simon will make sure she and his child are set for life basically.

The real issue is custody, and because Andrew feels truly humiliated and doesn’t think Lauren is a very good parent, that has the potential to get ugly.

All three people involved want the divorce to happen quickly because it’s an image disaster. Time will tell if they can work together to make it happen.

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