Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson: Hitting it Again! Living Together!

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Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson have reunited.

In his house. Where she now lives as well.

Yes, the porn star who accused him of assault and battery after a drug-fueled night in 2010, then allegedly tried to extort him, is now one of his famed goddesses!

Capri and Sheen

Insiders say that Charlie moved 25-year-old Capri (real name Christina Walsh) into his home nearly a month ago after their apparent reconciliation.

“Charlie doesn’t hold grudges and lives in the moment, which is why he’s moved Capri in with him,” the source said. “She moved in about three weeks ago.”

Since then, “Charlie’s been partying almost harder than ever. It’s one of the only things he and Capri have in common!” the source revealed to Radar.

As for any bad blood? “Charlie and Capri pretty much just act like none of that craziness from the past ever happened. It’s the weirdest thing.”

This was no run-of-the-mill bad breakup here.

in 2010, Charlie met Capri when he hired her for a $12,000 night in an NYC hotel room, which ended with a violent rampage and Sheen in the hospital.

He was found drunk and naked with Capri in the closet.

Having been stiffed of her $12,000, since Charlie flipped out and never paid, Anderson was furious and began to try to make money off of the notoriety.

Capri allegedly stole his $170,000 Patek Philippe watch, then allegedly tried to extort $1 million from Charlie in exchange for her silence about their night.

The call girl certainly wasn't silent, proceeding to tell everybody about that drug-fueled night with Sheen who would possibly listen or care.

Charlie tried to file an extortion suit against her, but process servers could not locate her to give her the papers and eventually it all petered out.

There you go. All's well that ends well, we suppose.

Here's an interview with Capri from 2011:

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