Polina Polonsky Photo: First Look at Lamar Odom Mistress!

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It's time to meet Polina Polonsky.

The lawyer who has made herself famous for allegedly carrying on a torrid six-week affair with Lamar Odom is featured in the following photo, which was first posted by Radar Online and which features Polonsky sitting and smiling casually.

We gotta say: if her claims are valid, you could do a lot worse, Lamar.

Polina Polonsky Picture

Polonsky says she's scared of Khloe Kardashian because the reality star is aware of her and Odom's fling and has tried to confront Polina over it.

She has also accused Khloe of "investigating" her "loved ones" and says she's afraid to go home these days because of what Kardashian may do to her there.

Khloe is yet to address the latest mistress allegations, which follow Jennifer Richardson also detailing a past relationship with Lamar Odom.

As the claims and women mount, for how much longer can Khloe remain silent? And should she file for divorce from her supposedly cheating man?

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