Paranoia Reviews: Does Liam Hemsworth Plus Harrison Ford Equal Good Things?

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With other huge movies opening this weekend, Paranoia seems to be coming in under the radar. 

Does that play favorably for the Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford, and Gary Oldman helmed film?

Well let's see what the critics have to say and then you can compare these Paranoia reviews to the Kick-Ass 2 reviews and make your movie going decision from there!

Paranoia Poster

Here is a film that clearly wants to be a gripping techno-thriller but feels as if it was designed both by and for people who still have not quite figured out how to get their Kindles to work. -- Peter Sobczynski,

There's nothing wrong with Paranoia that a screenplay couldn't have fixed. -- William Bibbiani, CraveOnline

Why blaze new trails when the old ones are so well-marked? This one is essentially "The Firm" with smartphones. -- Kyle Smith, New York Post

Were it the sum of its formidable parts, Paranoia might give good movies an inferiority complex. -- Scott Bowles, USA Today

It's tension free and as a result, forgettable. -- Linda Barnard, Toronto Star

The biggest problem with "Paranoia" is Hemsworth. While he has leading-man looks, he has very little charisma or screen presence. -- Paul Doro, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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